If you are seeking the services of a tree removal company, you must never hire the first contractor that comes up when you search online. For those who do not know, this kind of job is very technical. It could result in severe issues in the wrong hands. A tree cutting professional or arborist, without the proper experience and training, can slaughter your tree and leave it in a very bad condition.  

Tree Cutting Service

Tree owners need to maintain their trees to make sure they prevent any damage to the backyard or house and ensure new growth. This is very true with summer and spring comes around. Though, several homeowners are willing to DIY, it is often safer and easier to hire professional services to do the work, especially when it may mean removing stumps or felling a tree. But, it is difficult to choose which service to hire since there are at ten companies at least to choose from.  

Credentials Checking 

It is simple for a person to purchase minor tools and call themselves a professional arborist. You must stick with established firms and fire a firm that has an established track record to make sure you will get the optimum level of service. Ask your neighbors and friends for several references and follow up on them. Be sure that the tree removal firm is insured and licensed too. There are a lot of experienced and honest firms out there. However, there are also a lot of unfair companies you must never hire. 


The needs of every person are different. Therefore, you must ask a lot of questions before choosing a firm to do tree removal or tree cutting services for you.  

  • Pricing 

This is an important aspect. The way in which the firms will charge you will greatly depend on a lot of various things. The fees of several companies are based on the height of the tree while others depend on the hourly rates. Several firms charge additional fee for the travel expenses. Therefore, it is important that you ask about that too.  

  • What is Included 

Know always what is included with your tree cutting or tree removal services. Several firms would cut the tree down, chop the trunk into smaller parts and even carry them away for you. Some companies will just leave the trunk in your property and you will be the one to manage it. In several instances, a firm might provide to do additional work but will charge you an extra for it.  

  • Extras 

Oftentimes, it is worth paying additional cash to have that extra job done. For instance, after cutting the tree down, a firm might provide a discount to remove its stump. Of course, stump removal is something that you would likely need to do in the future. So, you may be able to complete the job without spending too much by availing their discounted offer. Several tree removal firms would also chip up the limbs and leave them for you to utilize or haul them away.  

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