How to Hire a Tree Cutting Service 

If you are seeking the services of a tree removal company, you must never hire the first contractor that comes up when you search online. For those who do not know, this kind of job is very technical. It could result in severe issues in the wrong hands. A tree cutting professional or arborist, without the proper experience and training, can slaughter your tree and leave it in a very bad condition.  

Tree Cutting Service

Tree owners need to maintain their trees to make sure they prevent any damage to the backyard or house and ensure new growth. This is very true with summer and spring comes around. Though, several homeowners are willing to DIY, it is often safer and easier to hire professional services to do the work, especially when it may mean removing stumps or felling a tree. But, it is difficult to choose which service to hire since there are at ten companies at least to choose from.  

Credentials Checking 

It is simple for a person to purchase minor tools and call themselves a professional arborist. You must stick with established firms and fire a firm that has an established track record to make sure you will get the optimum level of service. Ask your neighbors and friends for several references and follow up on them. Be sure that the tree removal firm is insured and licensed too. There are a lot of experienced and honest firms out there. However, there are also a lot of unfair companies you must never hire. 


The needs of every person are different. Therefore, you must ask a lot of questions before choosing a firm to do tree removal or tree cutting services for you.  

  • Pricing 

This is an important aspect. The way in which the firms will charge you will greatly depend on a lot of various things. The fees of several companies are based on the height of the tree while others depend on the hourly rates. Several firms charge additional fee for the travel expenses. Therefore, it is important that you ask about that too.  

  • What is Included 

Know always what is included with your tree cutting or tree removal services. Several firms would cut the tree down, chop the trunk into smaller parts and even carry them away for you. Some companies will just leave the trunk in your property and you will be the one to manage it. In several instances, a firm might provide to do additional work but will charge you an extra for it.  

  • Extras 

Oftentimes, it is worth paying additional cash to have that extra job done. For instance, after cutting the tree down, a firm might provide a discount to remove its stump. Of course, stump removal is something that you would likely need to do in the future. So, you may be able to complete the job without spending too much by availing their discounted offer. Several tree removal firms would also chip up the limbs and leave them for you to utilize or haul them away.  

If you are looking for a professional tree service company, you can simply visit 

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Things to Know about Crown Reduction 

A matured tree is a vital aspect of our urban forest. They offer us a lot of advantages. This includes stormwater runoff reduction, carbon sequestering, improved air quality, reduced energy consumption, and other economic and social advantages.  

Crown Reduction

Older and bigger trees provide these advantages. That is why it is significant to keep a nourishing urban forest and keep big and mature trees in the ground as long as it doesn’t affect the daily lives of the people. 

Of course, proper pruning of mature trees from a professional tree removal in Murrieta is required to obtain this.  

What’s a Crown Reduction? 

This is a pruning method that eliminates weight from the branches’ end back to a growing and healthy lateral branch, which would create a new crown. 

The procedure reduces overextended, heavy, or long branches, as well as eliminating any tree limbs with huge defects. The outcome is a tinier crown, without affecting the tree’s structural integrity.  

Reasons to avail Crown Reduction 

The bigger and older the tree gets, the more possible it would require some type of pruning maintenance. Trunks and branches, over the years, could develop cankers or cracks that might lead to decay. This process could take off the stress of poor and defective attachment points on the tree.  

For those who do not know, a poor attachment point is the linking of the tree limb to the tree trunk that has a bark involve in it. These are popular causes for tree failure. A lot of damages done to a tree during a storm are due to poor attachments. 

Other trees are exposed to various loads of wind than before whenever a nearby building or huge tree is taken down. Reducing the crown of a tree that’s newly exposed would also make it less vulnerable to failure in high winds. 

Benefits of Crown Reductions 

  • It could prevent huge damage in wind or ice storms 
  • Promote new growth in a deteriorating tree 
  • Prevent torsional cracks. These are twisted branches that form lateral cracks that are long. These cracks are the main reason for a failure in a mature tree. 
  • Balances the leaves and crown 2/3 of the crown remaining after the full reduction. 
  • Eliminates less of the live crown. Thus, the tree will less likely experience shock. 
  • Smaller cuts for leaves so there’s less area for decay to take place.  
  • Eliminates a limb back to a growing and healthy lateral branch.  

Tree Topping vs. Crown Reduction 

Not all pruning is the same. It is significant to select a firm who knows how to reduce the crown of a tree properly. Several tree services might not be experienced in crown reductions or they might not know the difference between topping and crown reductions.  

For those who do not know, topping is an old-fashioned method that cuts limbs with no regard for correct pruning process. Trees that are topped are much likely to suffer from failures since they keep in maturing. Look for another firm if the tree firm offers topping as a service.  

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Reasons to Remove that Tree Stump in the Property

Cutting a tree down and leaving its stump would leave you with issues of insect infestation, unwanted tree growth, liability, and of course, safety. Another problem that a tree stump poses is they create an unappealing appearance to your yard.  

Tree Stump 

This article will discuss the 3 significant reasons to get rid of that tree stump in your property.  


Liability issue is one of the significant reasons to remove the tree stump. Kids playing in your yard where the tree stump is standing has been left run a danger of severe injury. Also, kids running fast might not see the stump. Also, guests might trip over the roots that are growing out from the tree stump. A person that is walking in your yard during nighttime is at danger of tripping over the said tree stump. Your backyard event can end up with a guest being injured by tripping over the stump they did not know was blocking their path. The soil around that tree stump could settle. This leaves depressions in the yard that could cause someone to trip over and fall. Nobody wants a person to be hurt. Also, the liability problem rising from the injury is really upsetting.  

Continued Growth 

Simply removing the tree doesn’t prevent it from growing a new one. Leaving the stump after cutting a tree down will only make it generate new growth. Also, this new growth would cause its roots to keep growing. This could be destructive to your lawn, to sewer lines, and to your property. Aside from that, the new growth would acquire nutrients from your soil. This causes the other surrounding plant life and your lawn to suffer. One good example for this is grass. It is a plant life that is most susceptible to the issues caused by new growth. Oftentimes, the grass would die due to lack of water. If you try to water the grass, it would only give more water to the new growth from that tree stump. Unless, the stump is removed, the grass would continue to die. 


A tree stump attracts insects and other pests. A termite is an insect that is particularly destructive. Whenever the termites have grown too significant in number to be limited to the stump, they could move to your house. While living trees could also be vulnerable to infestations and diseases, a tree stump is much more susceptible. It is possible that the disease would spread to living trees if the tree stump harbors diseases. 

Eliminating tree stumps would increase your protection against liability issues and ensure the safety of your property. Aside from that, you would also enhance your property’s appearance. Therefore, when you plan to sell your house, more potential buyers will go for it. Removing the tree stump could make you enjoy your lawn without worrying about the issues with the tree stumps. Don’t worry, the benefits of hiring a professional tree stump removal service far exceed the cost.  

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